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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Local Loyalty Cards, Power Cards, Fundraisers, Web Design, Social Media and more

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Local Loyalty Card


​Looking for an innovative way to market local consumers in your own backyard? RU Marketing has created a local gift card flyer for business's to focus on just that. The cost is minimal but your exposure is not.  The card consists of 8 businesses in your city, generating money and growth for your hometown!

Power Cards


Are you tired of wasting money on advertising and coupons that go directly in the trash? The power card gets the results you dream of! Hard, laminated coupons, that go directly into the consumers wallet instead of the receptacle. Choose your offers and let us design the piece to fill your business and your pocket.



Tired of selling raffles, candy, candles etc? Generate dollars for your organization and promote your community! Laminated Gift Cards everyone on your team can use, whether thats football, a congregation or a school class. Many options are available to ensure you have success.


Our goal at RU Marketing is to provide innovative marketing ideas and products to help you drive your business. 

Determined to exceed expectations and expand your client base, all while growing revenue in your own back yard. 

Join others in your community and see the success first hand.  

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